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Monday, October 8, 2012

Evil Dead: The Musical

Simply put this is the best time I've ever had at a live performance. Laughed so hard my sides ached. Though it's called "Evil Dead: The Musical" it's really "Evil Dead 2: The Musical" with all the extra characters from the second movie and with popular lines of dialogue lifted from "Army of Darkness." It's certainly not for the kiddies as the language is bluer than the movies, and if you sit in the "Splatter Zone" you will get drenched in buckets of blood (seriously, they had guys above the stage dumping buckets of blood on audience members).

This was a very low budget production, not sure how it differs from the New York or Toronto versions, the set was basically wood and cardboard, but with some really well done props. The cast was fantastic and most could really belt out a tune, the guy playing Ash was probably the weakest singer but he really looked like Bruce Campbell and was incredibly funny and charismatic. So that certainly made up for any other shortcomings. It basically took the funny goofy elements for "Evil Dead 2" and then just ramped them up by a factor of ten. Demonic Cheryl had the evil power of yelling out horrible puns from her cellar prison. Hillbilly Jake had one of my favorite numbers Good Old Reliable Jake that is just brilliantly funny. Jake almost stole the show. The actor playing Scott gave him a run for his money though.

Unlike the musical Cats I had no problem with cast interactions because all of them were a lot cooler than Rum-Tum-Tigger getting in your face. My seat was front row center, which in this theatre is actually on the same floor as the stage so you're basically just a couple a feet from the actors. During my favorite number All the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons Annie angered about the fact that all the men she's known have died grabbed me and shook me with frustrated rage. Coolest moment ever!

The ticket was only $30 bucks and with festival seating was able to get that great seat by showing up a mere 30 minutes early. If this production is being played anywhere near by you owe it to yourself to check it out.

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